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    Written by admin on Tuesday, June 10th, 2014 ( Start discussion )

    If you are a resident of Texas, chances are that you have noticed that the state has abnormal amount of power companies. The reason behind this is that unlike most states, Texas decided to deregulate their electrical utility companies. While this is excellent for consumers, as energy prices are low and competitive, it can also spell disaster when you need to find a reliable energy company with the best deals. For this reason, we’ve come up with a list that will surly help you out in deciding which company is right for you.

    Green Mountain Energy

    Founded in 1997 and rated as the number one company in Texas in 2009, Green Mountain Energy is still holding strong in terms of customer satisfaction. The main benefit of choosing this company is that it offers environmentally conscious consumers an energy solution. It brings clean energy to millions of homes. Those that sign up can expect decent rates and a 100 gift card upon signing up. To find your exact rate, simply input your address.

    StarTex Power

    While StarTex doesn’t offer you 100 for signing up, these past years customers have been especially pleased with the level of service. However, as of now, it is perhaps best to search elsewhere as customer ratings indicate that there are terribly long waiting times for customer service and the rates have been steadily increasing.

    Amigo Energy

    Amigo Energy is the third on our list, and compared to the first two, it may just be the most promising. Rating as the third best power company in Texas, Amigo also currently offers a number of benefits for their customers. Those that join this company can expect consistent power, flexible terms (lower per-kilowatt charges), prepaid options, special perks such as gift cards and discounts at favorite restaurants, and even green options for the environmentally conscious consumer.


    As the name sounds, this company is known for being reliable. Those that sign up can pick specialized plans, quick customer response, and even a month free with the sweet deal plan. In addition, depending on the package, you can even benefit from having no cancellation fee or choose a long term package at a low price.

    Bounce Energy

    The final entry on our list of the main companies in Texas is Bounce Energy. This company is also highly rated, and customers that join enjoy low rates, benefit from low energy when referring a friend, and even receive exclusive offers from the company once you are a long-time customer. Overall though, while some of these companies offer fantastic benefits, it is oftentimes best to also choose one that adds more to the perks, such reliability, low prices, and a true commitment to customer satisfaction. Or if you don’t like these, try Stream Energy in Del Rio TX.

    What Are The Best Waterfalls In The Smokies

    Written by admin on Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013 ( Start discussion )

    The Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina and Tennessee attracts more than 200,000 visitors annually with many hitting the trails to dozens of amazing waterfalls.

    The Smokies present ideal conditions for waterfalls. The area receives more than 85 inches of rain annually. The mountains feature elevation gradients making it possible for water to fall. Famous peaks like Clingmans Dome and Mt. Le Conte can get even more than 85 inches of rain. The water cascades down the hills from top to bottom, sometimes falling more than

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    The Types of Wildlife You Will See

    Written by admin on Monday, May 13th, 2013 ( Start discussion )

    If you are going to be spending time hiking or camping in the Smoky Mountains any time soon, you are probably wondering what types of wildlife you may see while on your journey. You may even have heard that you may encounter black bears and be understandably apprehensive about such a scenario. Although black bears do live in the mountains, there are ways to minimize encounters. Keep in mind that most bears would prefer to avoid your company just as much as you would rather not

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    Horseback Riding Through the Smokey Mountains

    Written by admin on Wednesday, March 20th, 2013 ( Start discussion )

    Visiting the Smokey Mountains can be an excellent treat, but you might be wondering how you can make your trip just a little bit more exciting. One excellent activity to consider is horseback riding through the Smokey Mountains.

    If you are already an equestrian, should might want to think about bringing your own horse on your trip. There are ranches in the area that will allow you to board your horse while you are staying there, and then you can take your favorite equines on the

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    Best Towns in the Smokies

    Written by admin on Friday, May 18th, 2012 ( Start discussion )

    Sure you can find plenty of hotels all along the Blue Ridge with Direct TV Packages and warm indoor pools but are they close to a cool town to explore? When you need a break from driving and you’d like to take in the best towns in the Smokies, look no further:
    Gatlinburg: It’s a bit kitschy but you know, that’s part of the fun. Located just outside the Western entrance of the Smokies, Gatlinburg is a great destination for kids and young lovers alike.
    Seiverville: It’s one of Dolly Parton’s favorites and it sure is quaint. If you’re looking for restaurants and all the trappings that come with a tourism city, this isn’t it, but if you want a hot tub, a cheap vacation rental and a view, this is your spot.
    Asheville: It’s the biggest town on this list and boy, is there a lot to do here. From Biltmore from brewery tours to incredible shopping and dining, Asheville is the mountain town to hit up if you’re not necessarily a true mountain lover. It’s worth a special trip.

    Visiting Some of The Historic Buildings

    Written by admin on Tuesday, September 13th, 2011 ( Start discussion )

    Traveling in the area of the Great Smokey mountains cannot only be relaxing and amazing, it can be a place to learn some interesting history facts about the state of Tennessee. Gatlinburg is a town that everyone should include on the agenda for the visit. This community provides a bit of history that is very important and children and adults will take away a new understanding of the founding fathers of this country. Visitors will enjoy some of music, crafts and food that is specific to the

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    Why You Should Hike The Smokey Mountains

    Written by admin on Monday, September 12th, 2011 ( Start discussion )

    Why you should hike the Smokey Mountains, is an easy question to answer. The Smokey Mountains have some of the most beautifuls views all year round. Hikers have been enjoying the trails, as well, all year round. The mountains will never fail to please with its awesome views, while the trails have many of their own attributes; wild flowers, flowering trees, crisp clean air; pure nature.

    You should hike the Smokey Mountains for its varying level of hiking trails.The 80 trails vary from easy to handle to most difficult. Any hiker going for a hike in these

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    What Kind Of Fish Can You Catch

    Written by admin on Saturday, September 10th, 2011 ( Start discussion )

    Fishing is a great activity for the whole family in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The Park has about 2,115 miles of streams within it’s boundaries. Fishing is allowed year round but there are some rules that must be followed. No live bait can be used only lures with single hooks and and artificial flies with a single hook. There are also size limits on the fish you can catch there. So what kind of fish are available in

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    Why The Smokey Mountains Are Great For Camping

    Written by admin on Tuesday, September 6th, 2011 ( Start discussion )

    Experience the majesty of the great outdoors when you travel to the mountain range that extends through several southeastern states. Of course we are talking about the Great Smokey Mountains where visitors are invited to explore and discover nature, hike through unspoiled forests, view cascading waterfalls and spend the nights underneath a canopy of sparkling stars.

    There are many reasons why the Smokey Mountains are great for camping adventures, day trips or just a casual ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Tourists have a chance to choose the

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